Planes Of Fame Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum was founded by Mr. Ed Maloney in Claremont, California. The doors first opened on January 12, 1957. At that time, it was simply called "The Air Museum". There was no need to be more specific, because no other air museums existed in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River!
The original collection consisted of just 10 airplanes. From those humble beginnings, the Museum has grown to over 150 aircraft, more than 50 of which are flyable. But to understand the significance of this achievement, we have to look back to the days following WWII.
Although the Allies produced over 300,000 military aircraft during World War II, most were destroyed within just a few years of the war ending in 1945. The new jet aircraft being introduced had captured the imagination of the country, making the best propeller planes of the war seem obsolete almost overnight. As a result, before most people even noticed or cared, many aircraft types disappeared entirely. In fact, a number of the aircraft on display at Planes of Fame Air Museum today are the sole surviving examples of their type. Planes of Fame Air Museum remains dedicated to collecting, restoring, preserving and displaying aircraft and memorabilia for the educational benefit of current and future generations.
You can see these amazing aircraft fly at the Annual Airshow held the weekend after Mother's Day as well as at the Living History events held at the Museum the first Saturday of every month.
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